Contract Management

Restaurant Contract Management Services

GNC  Restaurant Consultants’ restaurant contract management team brings a proven process for developing restaurant management accountability, cost control systems, sales-building initiatives and debt restructuring strategies—all essential components to successful restaurant turnarounds. Our approach creates a unified call to action among team members and restaurant management to execute according to sound strategies, and provides implementation support to guarantee turnaround goals are achieved.

Our restaurant contract management mission is to work closely with owners and investors to bring stability, reduce risk and improve the financial performance of the foodservice establishment. Our areas of expertise encompass a broad spectrum of restaurant operations, including:

  • Concept Assessment
  • Financial Analysis
  • Management Reorganization
  • Restaurant Turnaround
  • Interim Corporate Management
  • Management Team Assessment
  • Training and Recruitment
  • Restaurant Operations
  • Menu, Marketing and Innovation Strategies
  • Procurement
  • Exit Strategies