Financial Assessments

Do you think you’re leaving money on the table? Our restaurant consulting group will help you find it by analyizing your restaurant’s Profit and Loss Statement.

All restaurant concepts should provide owners outstanding profits and an attractive return on investment. However, there is a great deal to balance in determine where to spend, or not spend, your money. Am I offering too much on my menu and driving up my recipe costing, or is the variety the appeal? Would having a larger building help with my occupancy, or will the costs be too high? How do I best balance the needs of my staff and customers with the needs of my bottom line?

If you are struggling with questions like these, let our restaurant consulting group and financial experts conduct a Profit and Loss Statement Review for you. The team at GNC  Restaurant Consulting will assist you every step of the way, from the initial assessment of your Profit and Loss Statement to a rollout of actionable solutions designed to leave more money in your pocket. We’ll compare your statement to your category segment, helping us identify both specific industry paradigms and any leaks your money may be falling through.

While most consultants stop there, GNC  Restaurant Consulting goes one step further, providing a step-by-step set of solutions to improve your profitability based on our review of your restaurant Profit and Loss Statement. With the partnership of our restaurant consulting group, we can help you understand specific ways you can improve your profitability, as well as supporting your brand during the implementation of these strategies. With in-depth financial assessment audits with GNC  Restaurant Consulting, we can help you spend less and make more, resulting in a more sustainable, lucrative business.

A sampling of our best profit improvement methods include but are not limited to:

  • Menu Engineering
  • Recipe Costing
  • Productivity Based Labor Management
  • Structured Expense Budgeting
  • Weekly Reporting and Measurement
  • Occupancy Cost Improvements
  • And more

Interested? Contact our restaurant consulting Team to learn more and start your financial assessments today!