Hospitality Management and Compliance

Hospitality Management and Compliance

GNC  Restaurant Consultants understands that to help an operation meet or exceed its goals, it is critical that the right management team is in place.

In filling key management positions, GNC  can look outside of the business to identify manager or chef candidates, but we may find people with the requisite skills in-house, then developing a system to set them up for success in filling management roles. We find the combination of these two strategies, recruiting externally and ensuring that existing team members have opportunities for growth, is the key to fielding a superb management team that is a true asset to the operation.

Restaurant Compliance Issues

GNC  knows how important it is to ensure restaurants are compliant with all industry regulations and have the lowest possible legal exposure. Addressing compliance issues is critical to the long-term health of any restaurant business, especially as it grows and becomes a bigger target for lawsuits.

GNC  has successfully addressed compliance issues for countless clients, recommending and implementing processes that focus on making businesses as “bulletproof” as possible. The areas for which we can provide counsel include:

Employee Relations

Management Development/Training

Communications Systems

Policy Review

Compliance System Review

Safety Initiatives/Training

Compliance Review

Loss Prevention