Marketing Starategies

Restaurant Marketing & Branding Consultants

GNC  Restaurant Consulting has developed comprehensive marketing programs for many successful startups, brand-refresh projects and turnarounds for restaurants and franchises. Our successful marketing and communication programs have been implemented by brands all over the world. A great marketing strategy is creative and practical, proactive not reactive, and keeps the budget and calendar top of mind.

Starting with a well-defined brand positioning statement with the full support of management, we develop a marketing plan and calendar to meet your overall business plan objectives. From the marketing plan, strategic marketing programs and consumer messaging are developed to meet specific marketing goals. Our comprehensive programs typically focus on creating tools for in-house resources to execute, including digital marketing and social media that has been search engine optimized and localized, consumer promotions, new product introductions, limited time only offerings (LTOs), menu and menu board design, email marketing, loyalty programs, in-store point of purchase materials, merchandising and direct mail to drive trials and expand brand reach.

Key Marketing Assessment Areas

GNC ’s restaurant marketing consultants also perform marketing assessments, which involve a thorough review of existing marketing strategies and materials. The objective is to identify opportunities to increase guest traffic and enhance product mix to drive both revenue and profits and increase overall brand satisfaction.

The  marketing keys  assessment areas include:

  • Brand Positioning
  • Guest / Menu Satisfaction Studies
  • Consumer Research (includes Branding, Design Impact, Competitive Audits, Concept Audits)
  • Marketing Budget Analysis (historic and current)
  • Marketing Plans (historic and current)
  • Marketing Communication (includes Advertising, Public Relations, Digital Tactics, Loyalty Programs, etc.)
  • In-Store Merchandising / POP materials
  • Menu Strategy
  • Product Sales / Menu Mix Data
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Staffing and Resourcing (both internally and externally)

We will prepare a detailed report of our findings, with actionable recommendations designed to meet the marketing challenges and opportunities uncovered. Additionally, we will create a list of “low-hanging fruit”—areas of opportunity that can be acted upon quickly to garner a more immediate impact from existing operations—and next step recommendations designed to provide a logical road map towards overall brand health and profitability.