Menu Engineering


Here, we offer a service which:

  • Is cost efficient
  • Is fast to implement
  • Has immediate repercussion on your bottom line

“Since we have learned to know the benefits of Menu Engineering I cannot imagine running a restaurant without it”.

Mr. Orhan Genceli  (Restaurant Consultant – Company Owner)

It is a marketing oriented approach for the evaluation of current and future menu pricing, design and content decisions.

  • The “Menu Engineering Plus” report focuses on:
  • Customer demand
  • Menu mix analysis
  • Item contribution margin
  • Increase profit immediately through a tool used by all major chains.
  • What will I get from the M.E.P. report?

By applying the Menu Engineering tool to your menu, we will provide you with precise indications on which items to:

  • Promote
  • Eliminate
  • Increase price
  • Decrease price
  • Decrease cost
  • Change the name

Plus, we will also give you suggestions concerning the order in which items should be allocated.

Studies show that guests tend to choose items allocated in certain positions. Thus, knowing where to allocate the items that provide you with the highest profit margin will drastically increase your revenue.

Plus, we will give you suggestions on your Menu Design. Thus, in addition to assure that your menu is appealing to guests, it will also guide them towards choosing those items that provide you with the highest profit margin.

Plus, you will know much better which items to communicate your staff to promote. Never forget that your staff is your key selling weapon.