Restaurant Investment in Turkey


Turkey is one of the world’s top-20 largest and most important economies. With a young population – over half aged 28 or younger – committed to pursuing the latest leisure and lifestyle trends, the Turkish restaurant and leisure retail market is one of the most buoyant and dynamic anywhere. Added to this, Turkey’s unique position in the Mediterranean Rim bridging Europe and Asia guarantees there are few markets more interesting.

The Turkish restaurant scene reflects this cornucopia of talent and potential, being at the same time challenging and promising, well-developed and still developing, diverse and idiosyncratic. As the sector continues to develop and absorb influences from around the world, there has never been a more exciting time to start developing your position and get your share of that.

Foreign investors in Turkey often choose to open a restaurant or any other business establishment that can be linked to tourism. Turkey is an increasingly popular tourism destination and the large number of visitors will always represent a good clientele for a restaurant. Much as the country, the Turkish cuisine is a blend between different cultures the Ottoman, Caucasian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Balkan cuisines have shaped and influenced the Turkish food.

 Business owners in Turkey who want to open a restaurant should know that this type of business requires special permits and licenses for functioning. Our company formation team in Turkey can give you complete details about the legal requirements for Turkish restaurants.

 A new restaurant in Turkey

A new restaurant in Turkey will need a good location. Our experts can help you purchase a building in Turkey that can be later renovated and adapted for the needs of the restaurant. It is advisable to perform a real estate due diligence before purchasing any kind of real estate in Turkey.

 A Turkish restaurant needs to be registered, just like any other type of company in Turkey. The registration procedure requires certain documents and it is performed at the Turkish Trade Register. Also, the restaurant will have to comply with VAT requirements.

 In order to be successful, a restaurant needs to attract clientele. Whether or not you wish to open a traditional Turkish restaurant or opt for a restaurant that serves international cuisine, you will need a good marketing plan and an accountant that can help you with the books and annual fillings.

 Special permits for Turkish restaurants

The production, sale, purchase, export and import of Turkish food and the provision of catering services are subject to the Food and Feed Law. The purpose of this law is to make sure that the consumer’s rights are being observed and, at the same time, the business complies with the environmental regulations. Hygienic norms are extremely important and restaurants that don’t observe them risk serious fines or even closure.

 A restaurant in Turkey needs to obtain an operation permit. According to the Food Premise Regulation, premises that provide catering services in Turkey are subject to registration and restaurants must also obtain the approval of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. Certain food premises must also register at the Ministry before commencing any operations.

 Our company formation agents can help you submit the necessary documentation to the aforementioned authorities, if you want to open a restaurant in Turkey.

 Please contact our agents, if you need help opening a company in Turkey or you want advice for investments.